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Jordy Smith is a South African two-time runner up to the World Title (more in description)

“Inspired by Hawaiian shaper Chris Gallagher and designed for Jordy as his go-to board throughout 2019.”

The “HOVERCRAFT” is a high performance hybrid design that will keep you surfing fast and dynamic as witnessed by Jordy surfing on the Gold Coast when ridden as a swallow tail. Chris has anchored all three tail options, Squash, Swallow or as a round pin, and when used as a step-up or if you looking for more control in bigger hollower waves.

Dimensions – 6’3” X 19 2/5″ X 2 6/9″
Volume – 33.5 L
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The bottom curve is relaxed with the deepest concave running through the back end of the board, giving us lift and speed. The extra refined tail-flip will allow for those tight arks as the outline has a little hip/bump placed just upfront of the front fins, giving us more drive, release and control.
This model is very versatile in many ways, with attention to finer detail regarding a well shaped/pulled rail, allowing one to get up to speed easily off the bat so be speak, and is renowned for driving vertically up the face with confidence and beyond.


He’s a two-time runner up to the World Title (2010, 2016) that grew up in Durban, South Africa, and started surfing at age 3. Among other competitions, he won the Billabong J-Bay competitions, in South Africa; the Hurley Pro at Trestles, California; and the Rio Pro, in Brazil.

Outside surf, Smith is a supporter of SL Benfica.